A Nashville native, Montez Mickles knows his way around a camera as much as his home town. It was a busy Spring for Montez as he graduated from Tennessee State University while also volunteering with our Script to Screen Spring 2019 Movie “School Bites.” Additionally, he is the co-founder of Visionville.co, a creative agency that uses the intersection of film and design to convert ideas into digital assets for brands and creative purposes alike.

An excellent creative multi-tasker, we knew that Montez would be the perfect Script to Screen Program Coordinator. He is passionate about expression; visually, sonically, and through movement. “I am just in love with the way we are able to express ourselves as human beings.” Corner to Corner is thrilled to have Montez expanding Script to Screen and encouraging more of Nashville’s youth to get hyped about literacy through reading movie scripts and creating short films. When he’s not working, you may find him exploring his favorites: roller skating, learning to code, eating ramen, or watching the Matrix. With his talent, we wouldn’t be surprised to find him doing them all at once.