Brandi Nicole Williams
Academy Support Specialist

What you are personally passionate about: I am extremely passionate about creating lifestyle transformation; moving people into purpose with a clear identity in Christ.

What is your current hobby? Does coffee and wine count? No? Ok…I enjoy making collages. That means that my vision boards are always bomb. I really enjoy trying new recipes. That means that I rarely make something twice. I really, really enjoy spin cycle classes. That means that I should look like I’ve been on Kanye’s workout plan, but I don’t! Ha! In other news, I’m adding indoor rock climbing to this list in 2019. You’re welcome to come with!!!!

Favorite Food? Mexican…salt on the rim, please. 😉

Favorite Movie: Home Alone (don’t judge me, lol)

Learn More about Brandi’s book and business – Website:

At Corner to Corner, I wear a few hats! Hat #1: I provide training and development opportunities for new facilitators. Hat #2: I work as a site host to ensure that facilitators and program participants are equipped to win each week.
Hat #3: I provide what we call “after-care” to program alumni. This is a means of providing accountability to past participants, and helping to bridge gaps for any additional resources they may need in their entrepreneurship journey.

Brandi hails from the south side of Chicago. And yes, south side girls really do make everything better! She is a graduate of DePaul University with a Bachelor’s in Sociology, and has a Master’s in Theological Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Brandi has been speaking, facilitating workshops, and leading small groups in the areas of personal and spiritual development for over 10 years. She is the author of Legs Down, Prayers Up: 6 Keys to Unlocking Purpose While Waiting, a book dedicated to women who are dedicated to knowing their worth, walking in purpose, and living in freedom. She is also a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and graciously stands 6’3″. You definitely know her when you see her!