Tiffany Acuff

In 2009, while working at Charles Bass Correctional Complex, Tiffany Acuff was certified by the National Institute of Corrections as an Offender Workforce Development Specialist. Two years later, while employed at the Tennessee Prison for Women, Tiffany combined her passion for Redemption with her vocational skills and partnered with McFerrin Park Rec Center to teach a Former Offenders Job Readiness Class.

Tiffany has a passion for Restorative Justice and Racial Reconciliation. As a proud Mother and White Latina, raising a Black son and an Afro-Latina daughter, she feels particularly called to Bridge Building among different cultures and races. Her Advocacy centers around increasing Awareness through Education and Action in Relationship.

Tiffany has organized and led multiple churches through a book study and discussion on Dr Beverly Daniel Tatum’s Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together In the Cafeteria. This Spring, she will co-lead Corner to Corner through a study of the book The Color of Compromise by Jemar Tisby. (So start reading!) Meanwhile, she is participating in the Whiteness Intensive Training through the nonprofit Be The Bridge. Tiffany is also excitedly looking forward to a June 2019 apprenticeship week with Anti-Racist Activist and Educator Jane Elliott, of the Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes Exercise. In addition, Tiffany runs all of Corner to Corner’s Social Media and would love for you to #ConnectInvestGrow with her.