Tiffany Acuff
Co-Founder and Coalition Director

Tiffany passionately embraces that the Lord created her as an Enneagram 8, The Challenger, and looks to Jesus as The Ultimate Advocate and inspiration for her life. As a Latina raising her Black son and her Afro-Latina daughter with her White husband, she feels particularly called to Bridge Building among different cultures and races. Her Advocacy centers on AntiRacism through education and identity awareness, intentional relationship building, and the ministry of consistency.
Her son’s Autism diagnosis expanded her work on Diversity and Inclusion. Tiffany proudly serves on the Board for Diverse Learners Cooperative. Recently, she accepted the position as 2020-2021 Chair of the MNPS Exceptional Education Family Advisory Council (EEFAC) after championing Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD) training for all MNPS SROs and contracted MNPD officers. Tiffany loves co-leading the Be The Bridge Coalition group and is always thrilled for the opportunity to better equip Corner to Corner Allies and Nashville Neighbors in their Advocacy and Anti-Racism journey.