Yasmine Williams Woods is a woman of God who encourages and empowers women through electrifying messages that equip listeners with actionable motivation anchored in biblical truth. She is a wife and mother of four with a bold passion for Christ and rich knowledge of God’s word. Through her business, Yasmine Williams Woods LLC, Yasmine desires to empower women to possess the fortitude to conquer all of life’s demands by leveraging the courageous love of Jesus. 

Yasmine was raised in Anniston, AL and became a mom at the young age of 14. By society’s standards, she grew up with nothing but she would argue that she had everything because her single mother exuded Christlike Love. Yasmine wants audiences to know that love conquers all – all the things we face, feel, fear and stand in faith for. She graduated from Northwestern University and is a speaker, writer and conqueror who is on a warlike mission to help people grow in the word of God and live life as proof that all things truly are possible through Christ. At Corner to Corner Yasmine leads our Academy Alumni Efforts and our community Bible Studies.