Kyle Felts

Board Member

What you are personally passionate about: I love coaching youth sports. There are so many lessons learned in athletics for young men and women.

What is your current hobby? I am trying to master fly fishing. We went to Lake Tahoe for our 10 year wedding anniversary and fished Lake Truckee. I decided that day that our entire family would learn how to fly fish.

Favorite Food? The Yellow Porch

Favorite Movie: Karate Kid (the original) and Teen Wolf (the original)

Kyle and his wife, Lindsey, are both Nashville natives (aka Unicorns) He graduated with a business degree in 2004. He has been in all aspects of the real estate business since 2004. Kyle is the owner of Bradford Real Estate, a partner of the Property Management Connection and lives in Nashville with his wife and two children, Josie (4) and Henry (2)