Aman Nasser

Strategic Scaling Director

Born in Ethiopia during the communist takeover, Aman’s family immigrated to the United States in pursuit of a better life. Aman quickly found community through sports and earned a full-ride scholarship playing Division I soccer at the collegiate level. 

Aman is an entrepreneur at heart. He started his own valet/limousine company and joined a small technology start-up before being recruited to join a small roadside assistance company that has now become Asurion. During his tenure, he served in various roles including Vice President of the following: Customer Care, Client Services, Product Operations, Product Management, and Fraud Operations.

Aman is excited to use the skills he developed in corporate America to help this community of entrepreneurs grow. Aman is also an Independent Consultant serving on various boards and non-profits. His deepest passions are the well-being of and empowering entrepreneurs.