Bethany Burney

Script to Screen Program Director

Bethany is from Chattanooga, TN, and has been working in the education field for 11 years. She received her undergraduate degree at Tennessee Technological University in Psychology and her master’s degree at Grand Canyon University in Elementary Education. After graduating, she began working for her church’s summer program as a teacher and then became the director of the program, which was the start of her experience as a director. Recently, she came on as a Literacy Facilitator for Script to Screen. As she researched Corner to Corner, she found how aligned the organization was to her beliefs and values and wanted to join the team, which was serendipitous because we needed a new Program Director! As an educator, Bethany has witnessed many academic gaps for certain students, and she is passionate about helping struggling readers by empowering them through engaging activities, motivation, and exploration. Outside of work, Bethany enjoys spending time with her daughter, who keeps her busy with helping her promote her art, or being a soccer mom.