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Ep.1 Who Is Corner to Corner?

Outfit of the Day

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C2C Live 

Meet Ashley Broadnax

Educational consultant and Nashville native, Ashley McEwen Broadnax is passionate about fostering inclusive and equitable learning environments. She founded Crowns Up Learning to provide educational & youth development consulting & curriculum development. Crowns Up Learning creates diverse & inclusive educational materials that intentionally features people that are Black, Brown, abled, and disabled. →

Meet Delly Thomas

Delly Thomas is a New Orleans, Louisiana native and the innovative founder and CEO of Melted Melodies Candle Co, a brand that creates musically inspired scented soy candles, providing customers with a truly multi-sensory experience.  The brand’s unique concept allows customers to scan a QR code on the candle label and listen to a curated song on their phone, effectively combining two different senses to enhance the overall candle experience.

Shop Melted Melodies →

Community Corner 

Behind the scenes from Episode 1:

The CornerStone 

Corner to Corner launched an initiative to scale entrepreneurship in Nashville. Our goal is to support 10,000 underestimated entrepreneurs in launching and scaling their businesses over the next 10 years. 

Data supports our belief that 10,000 businesses in 10 years will create a sustainable economic engine for families and have a significant and lasting impact on our community. A 2021 report by Goldman Sachs and a 2024 report from AEO reminded us that the wealth gap was not created based on lack of talent, passion, or drive, but because of a lack of opportunities. Research from Path to 15/55 suggests that Nashville has the capacity to support this sort of growth in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Rates of underestimated entrepreneurship in Nashville lag national averages. Because of these facts and many more, we are dedicated to launching 10,000 underestimated businesses in the next 10 years!

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