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Ep.2 Style and Wellness

Join us for an episode of style and wellness! In this installment, we shine a spotlight on two exceptional guests: KOS Clothing Company and Mama Love Organic. Don’t miss out on this chic and wholesome experience!

Outfit of the Day

(Everybody’s favorite part of the day)

Shana's outfit of the day, on Corner the Corner show episode 2

C2C Live 

Jeff Easley

Meet Jeff Easley

Jeff Easley was great at his job (crushing it), but when the economy took a hit he was let go. Walking out to his car he had a revelation He would give himself his own job because he would NEVER fire himself. And just like that, he was on his way to becoming an entrepreneur. – Jeff is now the co-host of the Full Sport Press podcast, a weekly podcast for all the consummate sports fans out there. He is also the creator of KOS clothing…a stylish brand rooted in community and positivity.

KOS by Jeff Easley, @KOSbyjeffeasley
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Meet Alanya Newborn

Alanya Newborn is a Jersey City native, with roots in East Nashville. She is the founder of Mama Love Organic, a business dedicated to harnessing the healing powers of Magnesium. With nearly 4 years of experience, Alanya is passionate about spreading love through her products.

Mama Love Magnesium,  @mamalovemagco
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Alanya Newborn

Community Corner 

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The Academy Celebration!! 🎉 

On May 14 celebrated our Spring Cohort of entrepreneurs completing The Academy!!  Want to see some event highlights or relive the joy? We got you…

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Behind the Scenes of Episode 2

The CornerStone 

“There’s a direct correlation between wealth and business development, according to The Brooking Institute and many other national studies … [and] The Academy has seen this correlation right here in Nashville “

In this month’s Cornerstone, Shana told the story of Academy alumni, Melanie McGee! To learn more about Melanie, follow her HERE!!

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